• CONSULTANCY SERVICES – Bridging the gap between expectation and execution
  • SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SUPPORT – Giving you the power to do more, with less
  • LICENSING SERVICES – Full control of your subscription and support renewals, every step of the way
  • AUTHORISED IBM TRAINING RESELLER – Get the training you need to deliver the best business outcomes

For over 20 years The BMA Group has partnered with smart companies, like yours, to provide business improvement solutions and services tailored to the Office of Finance. Our depth of experience across corporate performance management processes, business analytics and statutory, financial, management and operational reporting – help CFOs prioritise demands on the finance function, streamline information delivery, and enhance the finance team’s IT capabilities.

Niche focus

We provide an integrated set of solutions to transform your most common finance problems into opportunities to reduce costs, shorten the data-to-decision cycle time and develop a richer base of information and deeper insights.

 Solid backing

We’re proud to be an IBM Premier Business Partner – the world’s leading innovator in business analytics software and solutions. Using a trusted partner to structure and implement the right business improvement solution can be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

Pragmatic approach

Our small business agility with big business mentality means our approach is flexible and responsive, enabling you to make improvements as you discover new challenges and opportunities.


We have significant experience in guiding and undertaking hundreds of successful deployments across a diverse range of industries, sectors, functions and business challenges, and we take pride in our enduring partnerships.