Smart companies seek competitive advantages wherever they can be found; and financial performance management allows finance teams to find those advantages in large and complex volumes of data.
IBM research has shown that companies who embrace analytics are twice as likely to outperform their peers.
Why? Because business analytics delivers efficiency gains, reduces errors, and fosters a disciplined financial management culture, giving your business the ability to:

  • Align operational and financial data
  • Gain visibility of and track the true drivers of financial performance
  • Transform annual budgeting into flexible forecasting and continuous planning
  • Improve data transparency, accuracy and controls
  • Optimise finance operations and resource utilisation
  • Uncover new opportunities and flag risks.

With insights and indicators at your fingertips, it’s easier to anticipate change and make smarter decisions that drive growth, lower spiralling costs and manage risk.

The end result: measurable and sustainable value for your company over the long term.


Our pragmatic, feasible, and affordable solutions demonstrate their value with rapid, visible, and measurable results to maximise your investment. We help you to work through formally managing important information and establishing accountability for its timelines and accuracy.

Our solutions almost always have residual business benefits such as answering questions, solving problems and creating value across process, information and technology deficits within key financial functions.

Our consultants are skilled at deploying solutions that don’t require extensive development or costly re-configuration, and are focused on ensuring the optimal period of installation and adjustment.

The confidence
to change your mind,
lies in good data

Budgeting, forecasting and planning


Does your budgeting cycle take too long? Need more alignment between your strategic plans, budgets and forecasts? Frustrated that constant business changes will result in an out of date budget almost as soon as it’s published? These are the challenges we help our clients solve on a daily basis.

Budgets, forecasts and plans can be difficult, time-consuming and a drain on resources because more often than not, the tool used is Microsoft Excel. Error prone spreadsheets and a lack of control, automation, or processes can cost your company dearly both in terms of time and poor insights.

The BMA Group’s budgeting, forecasting and planning offerings make fact-based decision-making, increased transparency and improved collaboration easy with a single connected, integrated solution and minimal time to value. The time previously wasted on investigating and reconciling can now be used on analysing and acting on the results. Here’s why:

Collaborative planning

Build and align financial and operational plans, and glean instant insight into the financial impacts of operational changes and adjustments to your key assumptions, with input from multiple users.

Organisational visibility

Benefit from an integrated planning framework for a cohesive view of the whole organisation. Link and monitor key financial metrics into key business units and track performance against plans.

User-friendly interface

Business users benefit from driver-based forecasts, self-service reporting, quick query and analysis capabilities, while administrators have clear visibility of submissions, approvals and progress. Leverage existing skills using Microsoft Excel, web or dashboard front-ends.

Drive stronger insights
within your finance team.
From data intelligence
to competitive advantage

Reporting and analysis


Can you access the information you need, when you need it? Is it easy for you to drill down into transactional detail with speed and accuracy? Can you produce reports on time without reliance on IT? Do your reports keep you up all night?

The BMA Group has guided many organisations such as yours towards a comprehensive, consistent view of your organisation that helps you understand your key business drivers and performance management objectives.

Our solutions consolidate disparate data from multiple systems and spreadsheets into a single intuitive self-service reporting and analysis platform effortlessly accessible by anyone in the organisation – from boardroom executives to frontline operations managers – without sacrificing data integrity. With our solutions, you get:


Empower business users with the freedom to seek business insights, create and analyse their own personalised reports, queries and dashboards without technical know-how.


Information at a glance

Draw data from any of your company’s data sources to develop reports of any description — from simple inventory lists to high-volume billings, financial statements to high-impact, graphically rich dashboards — and automatically distribute customised content for different users.

Cloud-based mobility

Experience insight wherever you are, at the office or on the go; Support users over the web, on mobile devices, Microsoft Office applications, or even when disconnected from the organisation’s network.

Disclosure management


Is your reporting process inefficient and time consuming? Do you struggle to collate multiple Excel and Word files, with no visibility of who is busy with what or how they are progressing? Are you ready to spend less time on data collection and aggregation and more time telling the story behind the numbers.

In a matter of weeks, experienced consultants from The BMA Group can get your organisation up and running with a solution to deliver critical and consistent company information in a way you never thought possible: a highly accurate, auditable, collaborative and automated reporting solution.

Our disclosure management solutions provide a single reporting environment for all your organisation’s reports – internal or external, financial or non-financial – reducing both your risks and costs. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

Workflow and accountability

Create and edit reports simultaneously – combining numbers, charts, images, graphics and narratives – with your colleagues in a central environment using workflow to manage the process and dashboards to track status.

Change once,
update everywhere

Pull any data from a spaghetti soup of finance system and other sources – General Ledger’s, ERP’s, consolidation systems, HR systems, payroll, OLAP – with automatic updates to data as underlying sources change, including references within narrative or commentary sections.

Efficient and user-friendly

Use familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, while utilising the sophisticated functionality and capabilities of an enterprise database driven solution to produce reports across multiple output options – including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, XBRL, Adobe PDF, and Adobe InDesign.

Overtime eliminated, and
group reporting cycle reduced by 12 days
Stop thinking
in functional silos and start
thinking as one business .

Financial consolidation


Are your inter-company balances impossible to reconcile? Is your Group financial information incomplete and inconsistent? Do your FCTR’s require too much reconciliation and manual intervention? The BMA Group can transform the responsiveness and flexibility of your finance department and streamline reporting in a single, centralised application.

Automated financial consolidation solutions give you the ability to interpret and use cross-functional information to meet essential statutory reporting requirements and improve business performance.

Replacing time-consuming manual processes for financial close, consolidation and internal and external report production brings your business two immediate benefits:

  • Instant access to a coherent body of standardised, qualified and useful data, and
  • Office of Finance efficiency gains.

The following is possible with a comprehensive consolidation solution.

End-to-end control

Put your finance professionals in control of the consolidation process with process control, data validation, and audit trail functionality in a highly collaborative environment. Easily evaluate results for multiple countries, currencies and legal entities, each with its own accounting policies intact.

Transparency and flexibility

Seamlessly integrate other enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting applications into a common chart-of-accounts structure, giving your finance leaders an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics. Use dashboards or self-service reporting to drill down.

Operational excellence

Consolidate multiple views of the organisation from legal, management, and regional perspectives across all data types. Report both financial and non-financial information across any defined timeframe at any level of the organisation to satisfy a host of management and regulatory demands.